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Scardassi, on demand

Scardassi has established a new engineering service, aimed at a consolidation of the relationships with its Customers. Specifically, the technical service, currently available on request, in the carding sector, is offered in relation to:

  • technical consulting on carding machines for semi-worsted,worsted and woollen system on the Customer ís premises to improve production and quality
  • modifications to existing machinery with the application of improved technology and upgrading with automatic systems
  • installation of guards and safety systems on production lines

Our technical service is also available to provide, on request, the following equipment:

  • apparatus for tape cleaning for tape condenser,1 Tape/1 Slubbing or 1 Tape/2 Slubbings (patented)
  • apparatus for mounting flexible card clothing on card rollers
  • apparatus for continuos output count control and monitoring by laser detector.
  • carding machines for sampling

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